Stories about our locally sourced produce and
the suppliers that inspire our dishes
Our Meat
Tenderloin Centre Cut - (Eye Fillet)
The leanest and most tender muscle, generally
mild in flavour due to less fat concentration.
These hand selected grain finished steaks are sourced from
Queensland’s premier cattle growing regions.
Known in the cattle industry as the Tenderloin it is the
most sought after of the loin cuts.
High Country Pork
This sustainably farmed pork from the Murray Valley is
barn raised in a sow stall free environment.
High Country Pork is grown to ensure tenderness with
a finely textured flesh with world class animal husbandry practices.
This Pork belly is both tender and flavoursome with a great
small amount of fat to meat ratio.
Our Seafood
Coral Coast Barramundi
is a fully integrated farm with their
own breeding hatchery and nursery facility.
They are self-sufficient with control over every stage of production
to ensure the best quality and best tasting product possible.
They have high quality, exceptionally clean salt water that results in
consistently great tasting, healthy fish naturally grown with a beautiful,
sweet, saltwater flavour comparable to wild caught barramundi. They
are grown in oceanic water which flows through their hatchery’s and
tanks day and night resulting in a great consistent product.
Preston Fresh Seafood
is a family owned and run Seafood Retail
and Wholesale Business. The business was originally established in 1993
by Max and Francoise Pantacchini as ‘
Pantacchini’s Seafood Wholesale’.
Now 23 years later it is still run by the Max, Francoise with the help
of their two daughters Davina and Dorine and Davina’s Partner Patrice.
Max and Francoise are both highly regarded and respected in the Sea-
food Industry. In fact they supplied her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth ll
on her visit to Cairns in 2002!
from the Melaleuca Quinquenervia Tree, which has
Multiple uses. The bark is used for making shelter, lining in ground
ovens and for wrapping baked food. It also had many uses
traditionally by indigenous Australians.
liquorice is Derived from Greek translation mean-
ing sweet root. It is a natural sweetener and has many traditional herb-
al medicine uses.
Traditional Japanese cooking method for meat or seafood,
where the ingredient it thinly sliced and lightly seared
over an open flame
It is believed to be a hybrid of sour mandarin. The fruit looks
somewhat like a small grapefruit with an uneven skin, and can be
either yellow or green depending on the degree of ripeness.
also known as white sauce, is made from a white roux
(butter and flour) and milk. Even though it first appeared in Italian
cooking books (constituting one of the simplest sauces of the Italian
cuisine), it is now considered one of the mother sauces of French
is a citrus-based sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine.
It is tart, with a thin, watery consistency and a dark brown colour.
is a species of the goosefoot genus, a grain crop grown
primarily for its edible seeds.
is a method of cooking in which food is sealed in airtight
cooking bags then placed in a water bath or in a temperature-
controlled steam environment for longer than normal cooking times,
ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the
outside, and retain moisture.
A French term most often used in reference to a square or
rectangular-shaped serving of food.
Seven Course Tasting Menu $110 per person
With Matching Wines $160 per person
Optional Cheese $10 per person
Available 6pm to 9pm daily
This menu is designed for the enjoyment of the entire table
Yuzu Lemongrass Cured Salmon
honey-maple béchamel, flying fish roe,
tamarind gel, sesame tuile, lemon grass oil
Citrus Infused Tuna
wasabi mayonnaise, ponzu pearls,
citrus curd, salmon roe, lime salt
Pan Seared Scallops
butternut anglaise, dried wakame,
bacon crumb, pickled fig
Pork Belly Croquette
whipped fetta, pickled radish,
mango, macadamia, date chutney
Coconut Sorbet
pickled ginger, watermelon
Wild Mushroom Chicken Farci
parmesan polenta, carrot liquorice root puree,
glazed baby root vegetables, chicken jus
Sunset Ridge Finger Lime Panna Cotta
apple gel, macadamia praline,
native bee honey, finger lime caviar
* Optional Cheese Course
Selection of two (2) Tablelands Gallo cheeses,
served with wafer crackers, croutons,
Davidson plum paste & native bee honey
Pan Seared Scallops 24
butternut anglaise, dried wakame,
bacon crumb and pickled fig
Beetroot Infused Beef Tataki 19
paprika oil, cayenne infused pickled carrots,
tomato mousse
Yuzu Lemongrass Cured Salmon 23
honey-maple béchamel, flying fish roe,
tamarind gel, sesame tuile, lemon grass oil
Textures of Rooftop Tomatoes
tofu lotus curd, finger lime, balsamic reduction
Duck Liver Parfait 21
pistachio, rhubarb, crisp sour dough
Pork Belly Croquette 21
whipped fetta, pickled radish,
mango, macadamia, date chutney
Miso Sweetcorn Panna Cotta (
ginger miso glazed eggplant, black sesame sponge
Citrus Infused Tuna 21
wasabi mayonnaise, ponzu pearls,
citrus curd, salmon roe, lime salt
Tamarind Taster Plate 26 for one
Citrus Infused Tuna
42 for two
Pan Seared Scallops
Beetroot Infused Beef Tataki
Please let your server know of any dietary requirements
Please, only one bill per table
Wild Caught Local Reef Fish 41
puffed grains, asparagus veloute, paperbark smoked
beetroot gel, fetta cream, finger lime dressing
(ask your server for our reef fish of the day)
Organic Tablelands Pork 40
braised belly, croquette, crackling,
spicy plum sauce, cashews
Whole Crispy Baby Barramundi 42
tamarind, chilli & garlic sauce
Tempura Zucchini Flowers (
Pernod leeks, ricotta emulsion,
macerated currents, salsa verde
Wild Mushroom Chicken Farci 39
carrot, ginger and liquorice root puree,
parmesan polenta, baby root vegetables, chicken jus
Roasted Eye Fillet 46
porcini pavé, truffle béarnaise, mushroom
Penang Duck Curry 43
caramelised pumpkin, roasted peanuts,
chilli, coriander, with scented rice
Orange Glazed Root Vegetables (
quinoa dashi, pickled shimeji mushrooms
Please let your server know of any dietary requirements
Lotus Root Chips 10
tom yum aioli
Green Papaya Salad 9
peanuts, nahm jim
Wok Tossed Greens 9
soy, white pepper
Watermelon Salad 9
pink ginger, watermelon, snow pea, ponzu dressing
Duck Egg Fried Rice 12
shallots, ginger, lap cheong sausage, prawns
Steamed Jasmine Rice 7
Please let your server know of any dietary requirements
A few stories from our local suppliers
about them and their produce,
which have inspired our desserts
Shaylee Strawberries
is located on the Atherton Tablelands
(700 meters above Sea level) between Atherton and the
historic Township of Yungaburra. Shaylee’s rich red volcanic soil
and temperate weather conditions are just right for
the cultivation of large succulent strawberries.
Cairns Microgreens
and exotics is a newly established farm,
next to Kuranda, on the Atherton Tablelands, at the
confluence of the Clohesy and Barron rivers.
The operators of this farm are keen permaculturalists, and apply
organic and biodynamic growing principles in everything they grow.
They have a growing range of edible flowers such as nasturtiums,
marigolds and snap dragons, as well as their exotics produce range
supplying "sugarbag" - Native bee honey.
Sunset Ridge Farming
is an Australian owned and operated
family business with a passion for sustainable farming.
Having worked for 18 years on an isolated mining site we
decided to move south in 1996 to our property, located close to the
beautiful volcanic Lake Barrine far in North Queensland.
Having no idea of how to earn a living on the land we quite
by accident decided to grow native rainforest fruit, which
quickly became an obsession with our very unique rainforest fruits.
We now farm three main fruits,
Davidson Plum, Lemon Aspen and Finger Limes,
from which we produce jams, fruit pastes and confectionery.
Gallo Dairyland
is a family owned and operated business situated on
the beautiful Atherton Tablelands, in tropical North Queensland.
Giovanni Gallo emigrated from Italy back in the 1920’s
and after years of working the land and growing vegetables
Giovanni purchased the farm in 1937.
Frank Gallo (the eldest son of Giovanni) often dreamed of
converting the family’s rotary dairy farm into an
integrated educational dairy farm experience.
Seventy years after its initial purchase (in 2007) Gallo Dairyland
opened its doors and became a reality.
is an Italian dessert of sweetened cream thickened
with gelatin and molded.
is a class of semi-frozen desserts. The principal
ingredients are usually eggs, sugar and cream. It has the texture of
frozen mousse. Such a dessert's Spanish counterpart is called semifrío.
is a nutty flavoured, starch-tuber in the spurge family
(Euphorbiaceae) of plants. It thought to have originated from the
South-American forests. Its sweet, chewy underground tuber is one of
the popular edible root-vegetables. Indigenous people of many parts
of Africa, Asia and South American continents used it as staple food
source since centuries.
The fruit of the Australian finger lime Citrus australasica
is sought after by top restaurants around the world. Often described
as ‘lime caviar’ for its small bead-like crystals of tangy juice, it’s used to
pep up drinks, in desserts, as a garnish and even to make marmalade
Stingless native bee honey is called Sugarbag and
was prized by Aboriginals who collected it from wild nests. Stingless
bees store their flavoursome honey in clusters of small resin pots near
the extremities of the nest. The resin adds a wide variety of tangy
flavours to the honey, such as lemon or eucalyptus.
(sour plum) can be found in tropical rainforests in
Queensland and northern NSW. The dark red flesh contains two
unusual flat seeds and has a wonderfully acidic plum flavour.
is a starch extracted from the cassava root. It is used as a
thickening agent in many foods. It can be made into flour - it has a
similar texture to corn starch - which is often times used in gluten-free
breads. It can also be made into pearls in varying sizes.
Taste of Tamarind Share Plate (for two) 28
A sample of our three biggest sellers to share
Chocolate Semifreddo, Caramel Glaze Entrement
and our Finger Lime Panna Cotta
Callebaut Chocolate Semifreddo 17
Shaylee strawberry, white chocolate,
raspberry sorbet, wild berry sauce
Caramel Glaze Entremet 16
Davidson plum gel, crème chantilly,
crème brûlée, caramel-praline crunch
Cassava Pudding 17
caramelised banana, palm sugar,
coconut gelato, roasted peanuts
Sunset Ridge Finger Lime Panna Cotta 16
apple gel, macadamia praline,
native bee honey, finger lime caviar
Tamarind Cheese Plate
Tablelands Gallo cheese selection, wafer crackers,
croutons, Davidson plum paste & native bee honey
Two Cheeses 15
Three Cheeses 19
Four Cheeses 24
“Gallo Baci”
this cheese is more ripened than a camembert,
soft and creamy and has a fuller flavour . The Gallo Baci is a “Lactose Free
“Seven Sisters”
the Seven Sisters is a “Washed Rind” cheese with a mild taste
and a soft creamy texture
the Gallozola is the “Gallo” version of a gorgonzola
“Cracked Pepper
black cracked pepper blended through a variety
of cheeses to create the perfect flavour
Please let your server know of any dietary requirements
Dilmah “T Series” Loose leaf Tea ... 4.50
Black Teas
Brilliant Breakfast
A bright and bold morning tea, perfectly rounded in body, strength
colour and pungency representing the essence of fine Ceylon tea
The Original Earl Grey
When a British diplomat saved the life of an official of the Chinese
imperial court, a tea enhanced with the peal of a special variety of
orange, and its recipe were given to Charles 2nd Earl of Grey also then
the prime minister of England. Combines the flavour of tea with
Rose and French Vanilla
A seductive tea combining single region Ceylon tea with the sensuous fra-
grance of rose petal tinged with French vanilla, heightening the romance
of this tea and softening its character
Green Teas
Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers
A mild and delicate tea with pale yellow infusion and pronounced jas-
mine aroma, A delicious palate cleanser
Moroccan Mint Green Tea
A blend of natural Ceylon young green tea and Moroccan peppermint.
gentile yet stimulating, the perfect after dinner tea
Herbal Teas
Pure Chamomile Flowers
Enjoyed for centuries for its medicinal properties. The daisy like flowers
has an uplifting aroma and subtle flavour, the perfect tea to finish with
Pure Peppermint
Stimulating and refreshing
Roaster Guy Wanderer's Brew. Premium Coffee 4.50
This roast is light on the palate, soft with a mild, lovely aftertaste. It’s the
perfect citrus finish as a black coffee and nutty as a white coffee.
Short Black, Long Black, Macchiato, Cappuccino
Flat White, Café Latte, Vienna Coffee