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Check Out the Best Conferencing Venues in Cairns

Considering a Conference Venue in Cairns The gateway to Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is a location like no other, the city’s tropical climate and laid back ambience has made this stylish location a hub for business enthusiasts, industrialists, educational leaders and entrepreneurs. Cairns is considered as a preferred destination for business conferences, be it local or foreign. They say the ultimate outcome of a business conference is greatly dependent on the venue where it is held and for this reason, we at Pullman Reef Casino Hotel offer you the choice of Cairns conference venues. Offering some of the most renowned premium and exclusive facilities in the world, choosing amongst Cairns conference venues, Cairns function rooms and Cairns meeting rooms is a decision you and your business enterprise will never regret.
Let’s take a closer in depth look at the conferencing venue facilities offered at Cairns conference venues and why it’s considered one of the best facilities in Cairns



Cairns conference venues - A dedicated conference center by all means


When searching for the ultimate conference center, there are a number of things that come to mind. Although you may seem to be bogged down by the number of venues and choices, opting for a dedicated conference center that is exclusively built for the purpose of hosting corporate conferences, training events and meetings is what you should be aiming for. Cairns conference venues does just that and beyond.
The aim and goals by which Cairns conference venues stands by includes the following.

  • Striving to achieve the optimum when it comes to offering a learning oriented environment
  • Dedication towards an environment that is free from distraction
  • Fabulous and state of the art conference facilities in tranquil surroundings



What makes Pullman Reef Hotel Casino Conference Venues your go-to destination for office meet ups?


In a world of competitors and arching rivals, being renowned as one of the best requires a lot of hard work, constant research and dedication. At Cairns conference venues, there are a number of excellent facilities being offered to all our exclusive clients. Other than that, the constant drive to compete with yesterday’s performance for a stronger and better tomorrow  is what makes Cairns conference venues the ideal destination for all your business needs. The following range of quality conference facilities are offered by Cairns conference venues.



The Perfect Space for your Corporate Events


A variety of impeccably designed spacious rooms. Each room is customized according to specific requirements, number of people and occasion. All rooms are well presented and distinguished into meeting rooms, lounge area, function rooms and dining area. 



Comfortable and Relaxed


Seating is ergonomic in scale and comfortable for guests to enjoy. To help aid in concentration, emphasis has been placed upon inclusion of natural light sources in all rooms.



High-end Conferencing Resources


To help cater to all your conference needs as well as to ensure your conference goes as smooth as possible, Cairns Conference Venues provides all its clients with cutting-edge equipment for all its scheduled conferences. This includes wide screen TV, digital projector with screen and modern equipment for the best quality of video conferencing. 



Unlimited Connectivity 


Free unlimited Wi-Fi sources to meet all corporate requirements. This means fast in speed and reliable in quality internet services available round the clock. Through this means, multiple delegates will be able to benefit from surfing online simultaneously without interfering with each other’s speed. 



Elegance that speaks for itself


Exclusiveness like no other can be expected from Cairns Conference Venues. We understand the value of discussions relating to offsite sensitive data and how important discretion is. For this reason, board rooms, conference halls and dining rooms too come with a complete exclusive and total privacy feature. 



Quality Catering Service


Only the finest range of catering services can be expected for our clients to enjoy. Foods are prepared in a manner where freshness and nutrition are kept in mind. This allows for a pleasurable stay as well as gives clients that necessary boost of energy so they can deliver their best performance.



Approachable Central Location


Cairns Conference Venues is located in the heart of the Cairns CBD, making the location for clients at an ease of accessibility. Delegates travelling by car can park their vehicle at the venue’s secure undercover parking.



Professionally-trained Support Team


Highly skilled, dressed and well trained staff can be expected to cater to the needs of clients at Cairns Conference Venues. Only when a strong support team is available can an institution expect to deliver performance par excellence. 



Cairns conference venues, function and meeting rooms - the ideal setting to meet all your business and social needs


A whole array of different sized rooms including a main conference suite alongside a smaller break out for rooms is included in our exclusive panel for clients to choose from. The following range of rooms are on offer at Cairns Conference Venues.



Michaelmas Cay Ballroom


This room is the name given to an area fit for large gala dinners, presentations and weddings. Its large dimensions and high ceilings is what sets it apart from the rest. Other than that, the Michealmas Cay Ballroom has state of the art equipment such as in-house audio system. The room also has the capability of further being portioned into a pre-function area and two separate rooms. With customization at peak, it comes as no surprise why this room is a favorite when it comes to conferences and gatherings. 



The Reef Room


Keeping modern design with simplicity in mind, the Reef Room is designed in a way to be the ideal location for all your needs. Featuring gorgeous natural light, an in-built bar and restrooms, this intimate venue is great for conferences taking place on a smaller and more private scale. Examples of events that are perfect to be hosted at this venue include cocktail parties, business luncheons and dinners as well as corporate presentations. 



Executive Boardroom


Many meetings and corporate conferences call for a private boardroom, customized to perfection. This Executive Boardroom falls nothing short of that. It is a permanently set boardroom that can host an average of 8 to 10 people, also making it an ideal setup for a secretariat room. 



Arlington Bar


Any great conference venue calls for a bar to welcome or bid farewell to guests with an assortment of canap? and cocktails. This Arlington Bar does just that. 



The Coral Lounge


The perfect getaway for a cocktail party, corporate luncheon or dinner is the Coral Lounge at Cairns. With the gorgeous view of the Pullman Pool Deck, guests are sure to end their conference well with meals served in this beautiful room.



The Pullman Pool Deck


If you’re looking for a venue to host a fabulous start or end to a large scale business conference, this is the location for you. Guests can dine on a scrumptious buffet while enjoying the tropical breeze in the surrounding



Urchins Reception Rooms


An exclusive range of rooms that go by the name of Urchins are on offer at the Cairns Conference Venues. All rooms are customized to perfection, catering to exclusive clientele and featuring state of the art studio connectivity, lighting features, projectors with wide screens and retractable walls for the perfect sized area.

The city of Cairns is set amongst an array of beautifully influential factors including cultural, political and of course natural beauty, Cairns is an ideal location when selecting a conference venue. Worldwide business travelers can view Cairns as a city that meets their requirements when arranging business or corporate events.  Discover this diverse city. Conference proceedings generally last for a few days, spare time can be spent exploring the numerous opportunities and gaining an insight into this beautiful city.

We offer state of the art Conference Venues in Cairns, we understand the true value when it comes to offering clients with the best quality of services in a location like no other. With our drive and motivation to delivering the best experience for  you and your guests, choosing the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino for your Conference Venue in Cairns is the ideal choice. Call us now on +61 7 4030 8798





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