Pullman Reef Hotel Casino is committed to prioritising the wellbeing of our environment and community. Living in this special part of the world we believe that sustainable practices are essential, and we are dedicated to making this integral to all our operations. Our aim is to ensure every guest enjoys a rewarding experience that is not only enriching but also enlightening and they take away an appreciation of our unique environment and its fragile ecosystem knowing that they have contributed to a more sustainable future.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our sustainability practices, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Many small acts can make a world of difference.


Reducing Plastics

In our quest towards a plastic free environment all single use plastics including amenities such as toothbrushes, combs, and shower caps have been removed from our guest rooms, guests can be supplied these items, which are made from a compostable bamboo material, on request. Single use body care products have been replaced with ecofriendly amenities, e.g. refillable shampoo/ conditioner, and body wash. Plastic straws have been removed entirely from the property. Room cards are also made from a compostable bamboo material.

Reusable coffee cups and drink bottles are offered for sale in two locations within the property.


From early 2024 the hotel has provided complimentary filtered water to all rooms and reduced the availability of packaged water to the Just Water brand in our mini bars. Just Water uses fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging from 88% plant-based materials, minimising the impact on landfills and oceans.

Filtered water dispensers are available for patron’s use throughout the gaming floor further reducing plastic bottle usage.

Voluntary linen and towel reuse programs. We offer our guests incentives to reuse linen and towels, reducing energy and water usage. All tapware and laundry equipment used has a high star water efficiency rating and toilets in the property are dual flush to further conserve water.


All rooms have bins that encourage our guests the option of separating waste into recycling. All recyclable items are then distributed to the appropriate local handling facilities. Aluminum coffee capsules are also recycled, as is all cardboard and paper waste and containers for change.

Our drinks containers from our bars and restaurants are collected and sent to Containers for Change, ensuring they are recycled and removed from land fill.
All balloons used during events and promotions are returned to the supplier for recycling or refill/use.

Food Waste

At Pullman Reef Hotel Casino we are committed to promoting sustainable food practices and reducing food wastage. As far as is possible all food purchased for our restaurants, events and mini bar is sourced from within the FNQ region from certified suppliers. This initiative not only reduces food miles and our carbon footprint, but also contributes to the sustainable growth of the regions supply chain.

Wherever possible we repurpose food items that meet HACCP safety standards by incorporating into other dishes whenever this is feasible. These surplus food items can also be transferred between food outlets or sent to our staff canteen.

All organic food waste is weighed as we constantly strive to reduce wastage to as close to zero as possible. All remaining organic food waste is turned into fertiliser in partnership with our waste contractor.

Energy Efficiency

Many measures have been taken to conserve energy and this program is ongoing.

Some milestones to note, the recently installed York chillers have a high energy efficiency rating, 90% of all lighting is now LED with external lights on timers to ensure efficiency of usage and a replacement program of air conditioning units throughout the hotel rooms are using high efficiency units.


In 2023, Accor entered into a strategic partnership with Ecotourism Australia to certify all Accor hotels, apartments and resorts across Australia and the Pacific as Sustainable Tourism certified businesses. As part of the Accor network, Pullman Reef Hotel Casino is currently working to achieve the standards set out in Ecotourism Australia’s Sustainable Tourism Certification which is recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Sustainable Tourism Certification is designed for all tourism operators and businesses in the tourism supply chain to meet and gain recognition for best practice sustainability initiatives. Ecotourism Australia assesses businesses across the four pillars of sustainability: sustainable management, environmental impacts, cultural impacts, and socio-economic impacts for which each business is independently audited. The Sustainable Tourism Certification is an extension to the existing ECO Certification program that has been in Australia for more than two decades.

Whether you are an existing ALL ACCOR member and frequent guest or are considering your very first stay in our beautiful hotel, you can be assured of a warm tropical welcome to by our dedicated team to our beautiful region.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Every small act undertaken during your stay contributes to our common goal for a more sustainable future.