Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome

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The Cairns Wildlife Dome is a spectacular all-weather wildlife exhibit, encased by a 20-metre high glass dome on the prominent rooftop of The Reef Hotel Casino, right in the heart of Cairns. Visitors are immersed in a rainforest environment whilst parrots, cockatoos, lorikeets, and other birds native to the Wet Tropics region fly freely around, with the opportunity to observe free-roaming rainforest wallabies and view bettongs, curlews, frogmouths, kookaburras, frogs, turtles, pythons, crocodiles and lizards.

Complimentary guided tours and animal presentations take place throughout the day, providing an interactive learning experience about rainforest wildlife and superb photo opportunities.


The Wildlife Dome is an immersion exhibit, which means the birds and most of the animals can roam free within the confines of the large aviary enclosure. This allows more interaction between humans and the environment.

The Cairns ZOOm takes this to a higher level (pun intended) by having visitors experience a challenge Ropes Course at different heights within the Dome so that birds and tourists can interact, appreciate and be educated about our native fauna while having an exhilarating experience.

Cairns ZOOm includes a number of different elements which challenge participants personally, physically and mentally. Challenge ropes courses encourage creative problem solving – thinking “outside the square”; teamwork and co-operation and also challenge the individual to push their own boundaries and comfort level. Ropes courses can create a great sense of achievement in the participant when they complete the course and is therefore a positive and fun experience*


The Cairns Zoom is open daily from 9:00am to 6:15pm with last entry at 5:00pm | Saturday nights until 8:00pm with last entry at 6:00pm. It is fully equipped with adequate lighting, offering Cairns visitors and locals an exciting new evening activity. In close proximity to the Reef Fleet Terminal, Cairns ZOOm is an ideal evening activity for passengers returning from the reef at the end of the day.

*Height and weight restriction apply on all activities.

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